This Breathwork Basic course is designed for you to find an easy access into your own daily breathwork practice. The 7 Days guide you into a daily practice from 10-20min. This course invites you to use the sequence from Breathwork Day 1 as your 10 min. basic practice on a daily routine. Adding all additional days on top of the 10 min. basic practice.

Hi, I’m Julian

I will be your guide for the 7 Day Breathwork Course. I have over a decade of experience with Yoga, Qi Gong, Breathwork and Shamanic Journeys. The Breathwork course will truly support you to create a daily breathwork habit and practice.

Join me to find and cultivate your daily devotion.

Connect to your Breath

Learn to control and enhance your vital life force. Your breath is your connection to life and prana of the Universe. Daily practice and dedication will help you hoan your full potential.

Inner Stillness is the key

Unlock the secrets of life that all mystic traditions and even religions have reported from. Inner stillness is the key to open the portal to experience life from the inside out.

Daily Breathwork practice

Learn the Breathwork basics in just 7 Days and establish a daily routine with ease. This 7 Day course teaches basics and foundations of Kriya Yoga, Qi Gong & Holotropic breathing.